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Bound to Fail
by Shay Downer
'Desert Inscapes...' paintings by Al Strangeways
NOV 2017 - FEB 2018

I hope that these pieces convey some of the intensity of feeling that I have for the desert country of Central Australia, its people, places, animals and the interwoven connections between it all."

- Al Strangeways

Originally from England, after completing a BA and a PhD in Literature and a period with the British Foreign Office,  Al  began teaching in 1995.  Travelling to Australia with her husband in 1990, they settled in Alice Springs in 2000, where she currently lectures in Education at Charles Darwin University. With no formal art training, she generally paints in oils and has developed her practice over the years through her involvement with the Central Australian Art Society, artists’ collectives and studio practice.

“I’m fascinated by the identity of things, what the poet GM Hopkins called their ‘inscape,’ the internal power that holds the elements together and makes the thing unique.  My paintings are an attempt to represent the moment of glimpsing or ‘catching’ the inscape of the thing, be it a skyline, a person, a camel or a dance.  My paintings explore the way light works both to shape and to convey identity and feeling.  The quality of the light in central Australia still astonishes me…”

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