In 2017 we hosted our first ever  ' Summer Sessions'   of Music in the Courtyard.  Each week the crowd got bigger and bigger as the word spread.  Keep your eyes open for our next foray... maybe 'Winter Warmers' around the fire?....  

Lucy Fox

  Playing from 4-6pm
​  Cost: $15
 Lucy is a talent!  She write songs, sings vocals, plays guitar and the fiddle too!  Come along and here the sweet sounds and style of another of our talented local musicians as she plays the first event in our Summer  Sunday series of Music  in the Courtyard.   Pulling out some classic tunes and favourites of the past, and intriguing you with her own songwriting talents.  Lucy is not afraid to experiment with sound .  Come and pick your favourite tune and watch and listen to Ms Lucy Fox. 

Sunday 11th February

Andrea Robertson

 4-6pm                                                Cost: $15
Andrea’s music is described as an easy blend of soul, blues, roots, folk and country “Much like the ebb and flow of the ocean, her music is varying, emotive and thoroughly engaging.”  Andrea is not only a vocalist and guitarist, but a songwriter also.  Her song writing gives voice to her observations and reflections of the world around.  Andrea’s debut album ‘It’s about Time’ was released in 2014 and her second album ‘Remind Myself’  in 2017.   Andrea was fortunate to work with other talented local musicians that are highly respected in the music industry within Australia and overseas.  These musicians include; Chris Wilson, Sarah Carroll, Tim Neal and Robert Calvert.  Come and have a listern for yourself.

Sarah Carroll

4-6pm                                               Cost: $15
 There's not enough room in this litlle box to write or recall the words that have been used to describe Sarah and her music, but you are guaranteed to have a good time.  Here goes the summary of the word list from my 'research'.... musician, radio announncer, journalist, vocalist, ballads, recordings, musicians, friends, ukelele, guitars, roots, jazz, jester, rock, songwriter, playful, soulful, sassy, cars, artist, jewel, treasure, respect, wit ,twinkle.  Come and  have a listen for yourself, and maybe add some new words!


 4-6pm                                               Cost: $15
I have to confess to being a long time admirer of these musicians amd we are very excited to be hosting this gig at the Studio@54.  Bringing  their own  style of clear, fun, vocal harmonies to a variety of classic songs from the past and  current day, it is difficult to resist the  desire to sing along or get up and dance.  Playing  soul, jazz, and  R& B, Gail, Gayle, Linda and Gary are sure to entertain.   A beautiful way to round off your weekend.  Hope to see you there!